Results from the following October auctions and sales have been added to the database

2018-09-21-22 - Foals auction Brabant Asten (NED)
2018-09-22 - DSP Foals auction last chance Darmstadt-Krainichstein (GER)
2018-09-25 - Youngsters auction Eemnes (NED)
2018-10-03 - Limburgse foals auction Kessel (NED)
2018-10-05 06- 89th Oldenbourg Elite auction Vechta(GER)
2018-10-07 - 56th Westfalen Elite auction Munster (GER)
2018-10-02 - Dutch sport horses sales Kessel (NED)
2018-10-03- PS Online sport horses auction Ankum (GER)
2018-10-12-13 - 135th Hanoverian Elite Auction Verden (GER)
2018-10-20 -Woodlands International Salle Azelhof (BEL)

Cornet Obolensky remains as the top ranked stallion for the second month running with sales valued at more than 245,000 € having sired a total of 134 individual sales.

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