To breed horses is often similar to the priesthood. Years of effort,  and patience, fortunately, sometimes, cheerfully rewarded. Catherine de Buyl, whose name appears as an insurance professional specializing in sport horses, or as a name in quality breeding, can personally testify that sometimes the planets all align at the same time. It happened during the Stephex Masters of Brussels last weekend! A moment of absolute magic when a delighted Catherine saw April Mury Marais Z (Air Jordan Z - Queen Mury Marais x Quinar Z) win the 1m45 class (1m60 with a 'joker'), sponsored by... none other than Catherine de Buyl Horse Insurance. An own goal! A genuine homemade success, as the mare was born 10 years ago in Catherine's yard, and she was being ridden by the ever-loyal Patrick McEntee who has worked with Catherine for many more years.