Innenminster xx (Photo: Janne Bugtrup)

At the beginning of January, the Holsteiner Horse Breeders Association was hosted in Elmshorn when 17 stallions were judged by the licensing committee. Of this group, two left the  Fritz-Thiedemann-Halle with a coveted license, with five being admitted to the breeding trial. For Stephan Haarhoff, who has succeeded Dr. Thomas Nissen as the new breeding manager, his role has started, with this being the first event in this position. "The large number of stallions registered for the January licensing was very pleasing, and they impressed with interesting pedigrees and blood diversity," he said, adding; "With Innenminister xx, a Thoroughbred also convinced the committee and received positive approval."


Innenminster xx (Masterstroke xx), bred and owned by Gestüt Hof Warendorf

Damocles (Dominator Z), bred and owned by Manfred von Allwörden